the art of not so subtle

I worked with this guy. Let’s call him Wayne. He is the kind of person who just rested on his laurels and just got really lazy. But what annoyed me most about him was that he couldn’t take a hint. Or if he did, he chose to ignore the hint. When someone doesn’t accept your friend request, it means they don’t want to be your friend. When they de-friend you, they don’t want to be your friend. When you send someone an invite and they don’t respond, it means they aren’t interested. How simple are these rules? Sure, they could just be forgetful, but someone who clearly doesn’t put that much effort into responding isn’t interested.

On the topic of “subtle” though I also dislike the “subtle” work emails at 11pm on a weekday to let you know that while you were bumming around they were doing work. What it tells me, is that they are an inefficient tosser incapable of using their 8 hours a day the way the rest of us mere mortals do. If we were working in tight deadline kind of career this would probably make sense, but otherwise it just says “I do not have a life” in a not so subtle way.


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