retrospectives happen a little too late

From the list of things I wanted to do before 2018 comes around I have only managed to do 3 out of 9 things. And when I look at that list, I wonder what made me even think that some of them were things I would want to do, so I should just replace them when something more practical but that just feels like cheating.

At the end of a milestone you might look back and analyse all the things that have gone well and all the things you need to do better. But all the things you change at that point might be so extreme that you never really fix the root of the problem because all you’ve done is just decide to do something completely different. By the time a retrospective is done, a lot might have happened and everyone has a different view on what actually went wrong. I have volunteered to facilitate part of our retrospective next month so I’m currently reading “Agile Retrospectives”.


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