shhh! it’s a secret

I know, I know

When I compliment her she won’t believe me.

It’s the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show of course. Nothing says Christmas like some impractical lingerie. Reminds me that I want to buy a big box of candy canes though. This was the first VS Fashion Show I’d ever seen televised.

I’ve never been a fan of the self-deprecating comments that are meant to elicit some sort of compliment. Do people really feel better to have that sort of validation? What makes the validation you get from someone else different from the validation you could give yourself? Back to the fashion show though, it is amazing when you realise how many of these models are mothers because you couldn’t tell it from the physical shape they are in.  It is easy to hate women like this, but these are women who clearly make a lot of money and have personal trainers who must work out with them for hours a day. But when your career depends on your physical shape, it’s an investment right?


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