you’re getting married

all the things that you would do,
you know i’m standing next to you.
darling i will see you through,
the rest of our lives.

Today was was wedding day. The weather looked ominous, but the rain never came. It might have been cold, but the bride and groom couldn’t contain their smiles. I’m incredibly happy for my dear friend that everything went according to plan and it was a beautiful day. Even if I did have to do the gangnam style dance. I have yet to figure out why this song is such a phenomenon.

I didn’t take any photos today, so I’m relying on the photos of others. Clearly bridesmaid dresses need pockets. I am considering going into fashion design – bridal wear with pockets and the look will definitely not be traditional. There are so many unappealing wedding gowns out there that I’m surprised people still spend thousands of dollars on a dress they wear once.


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