Despite the fact that my plane was delayed for an hour in New York and another 45 minutes in Los Angeles we still arrived early into Sydney. Unfortunately when I got to the carousel someone had walked off with my suitcase (and yes Ruth, it was the one with all your Lululemon in it). And they left behind a suitcase which weighed a lot less and about 20 different ribbons on it. So how they confused the two is still beyond me. Fortunately the people at Qantas were kind enough to call them up and ask them to return my luggage. When I finally got home for lunch, this bowl of pho was no match for me.


One thought on “satisfied

  1. What I want to know is how the other passenger knew to grab the suitcase full of Lululemon. Did you fly in your scuba hoodie special edition travel pillow or something? A similar thing happened to Fred when we went on our NZ ski trip. Such a pain.

    What always cracks me up about these situations is that the person collected ‘their’ bag and went through customs, declaring that they had packed it themselves and that there was nothing declarable in it.

    And just how much Lululemon did Ruru buy?

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