doers and watchers

Some of us and the rest of us watch. A lot of the time that is how I feel like the world is best described.

I was asked today if I was worried about going home for 3 weeks and whether I was worried about someone taking over the project at work. I have reached that point where I can look around and know that I am just better at my job than colleagues (not because I’m smarter, but because I work harder and while I’m not a master at any one area I am a jack of all trades) and I have nothing to fear. I am a doer and I know that within 3 weeks a lot can change or nothing can change at all. With my skills, even if something were to change I know that I could deal with it. So I don’t feel fear. If I felt fear, it would stop me from living my life outside of work. I would be that incredibly sad person who is working on the weekend or at 10pm on a weeknight. I may not have a happening social life here in NYC but I have enough of a life to know that there is more than work. During my time here I have seen the arrogance portrayed by those who think they are better at this job than I, so it is about time the tables turn.

I loved this photo I took at Coney Island today. There were a few photos I liked, but this was my favourite.


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