warming the house

I’ve moved in for more than 3 months and I finally had a house warming to go with it. It’s strange how you become friends with people who you formerly thought you had nothing in common with. Not your polar opposites necessarily, just people who you didn’t interact with for 4 years who you find yourself emailing, or the wife of a colleague who you only ever saw once a year who is always an interesting dining companion.

As I get closer to that 6 month mark of my limbo state, I wonder where the rest of time will take me. I think I should be getting closer to make decisions about where I want to be in 18 months. And I feel like I’m in the same place I was 18 months ago. Like nothing has changed, different information but the same decision. And the truth is, it will depend on who I will be working with in 18 months. I have decided that this what my decision comes down to. If I found out that the people I no longer wanted to work with were leaving, I would probably stay on. If there was no chance of this happening then I would go. 18 months ago, this factor didn’t way as heavily as it does now.


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